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04.27.22 - Welcome to Warrior of Bite, visitor #124923! ^_^

News: Welcome to Warrior of Bite, the website devoted to my Final Fantasy XIV character, Taiyang Bing!

Taiyang is a plainsfolk lalafell who loves to eat. But she keeps getting pulled into saving the world! That's super distracting for her! But oh well. That's the cost of food sometimes, and as long as she can make it back to the Bismarck eventually, she'll do pretty much anything.

What's for dinner?

Here are some of Taiyang's favorite foods!

Taiyang's player (that's me) (it's weird to call myself "Taiyang's player!" what about "the person who plays Taiyang"? eh) recently bought the Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook and has been making some recipes, too! Unfortunately he's super bad at taking photos so you won't see any just yet!

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